The Next Meeting of Humanists of Colorado

Sunday 18 September 2016 – Tim O’Shea on Colorado Skepticism

Tim O’Shea, of the Colorado Skeptics Society and the science advocacy organization “Coloradans For Scientific inquiry”, will speak on “Weird Science in the Rockies”

Potluck at 6:00, Presentation at 7:00.


Colorado. We’re known for our sunny skies, active lifestyles, and healthy living.

But…did you also know that as a result of the widespread anti-science sentiment in our state, we now have one of the highest-risk populations for the transmission of communicable diseases in the nation?

Indeed. From fad-food diets and herbal tinctures to amethyst crystals and “holy fire energy healing,” the belief in magic and woo-woo in Colorado is so rampant, we make Californians look like Puritans at a Conservapedia convention.

The problem: many of these alternative ideologies are cloaking themselves as actual science, and fooling well-intentioned consumers and an unsuspecting public as being legitimate modalities. So how do we tell the genuine from the junk?

With an entertaining style and good-natured humor, Tim O’Shea provides a walk-through of wacky and weird products and services that claim to be “backed by science,” and how to spot the red flags that reveal them as non-scientific. He also examines the increasingly negative impact these entities are having on public health, and why, as a Colorado citizen, you should not only take notice, you should also start speaking up.

Tim O’Shea is the President and CEO of Coloradans for Scientific Inquiry, a professional organization dedicated to promoting science literacy and critical thinking in Colorado. He is also President of the Colorado Skeptics Society, a state-wide coalition with chapters in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

Venue Instructions: Parking is available on the side of the building, on the street, in the lot across the alley, and in the lot across 31st street. Please do not park directly behind the building, under the stairway to the upstairs apartments.


For further information call HOC President Richard Berg at 720-256-6161.

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