Humanists of Colorado
The Humanists of Colorado, based in Denver, Colorado, is a local chapter of the national American Humanists Association. Our local group was founded in 1980.

HOC Meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday evening of each month, starting with a Potluck Supper at 6 pm, followed by a program at 7 pm at the Secular Hub, 3100 Downing St. All HOC members are invited to the board meeting that is held at 4 pm just prior to the potluck. Please join us for a social event. You can also read more about the Humanists of Colorado, find out more about humanism, or find out how to become a member of HOC.

The Next Meeting of Humanists of Colorado


Sunday 13 July 2014 - Denver Yard Harvest


Jason Barton with Denver Yard Harvest ( is our guest speaker for the July HOC meeting. Each summer and fall, when their fruit trees produce more fruit than they can use, Denver residents contact Yard Harvest whose volunteers harvest the produce, leave some with the residents, and deliver the rest to organizations in Denver that serve people in need, such as daycare centers, homes for the elderly, and community kitchens. Yard Harvest distributes the food either directly or through educational programs that help people prepare or preserve fresh produce, focusing on those programs that provide job skills training, self-reliance, and other resources that help people help themselves.

In addition, Yard Harvest helps build a strong sense of community, providing other local nonprofits opportunities to help by locating trees that need harvesting, identifying and connecting with people and groups who would like to receive the produce, volunteering to take Yard Harvestís gear to the harvests, harvesting the fruit, and delivering the food to the people who need it.

Yard Harvest Mission: To bring fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste to people who might otherwise go without it; building community and learning more about the importance of healthy food and reducing waste.




Venue Instructions: Parking is available on the side of the building, on the street, in the lot across the alley, and in the lot across 31st street. Please do not park directly behind the building, under the stairway to the upstairs apartments.

Potluck dinner at 6 pm. Program at 7 pm. Potluck instructions are based upon the first letter of the last name. Please do not bring drinks for the potluck. Drinks will be available as concessions, so bring a few extra dollars for some soda or coffee.

A-B) Side Dish, Bread or Chips
C-D) Dessert
E-J) Main Dish  
K-R) Main Dish
S-Z) Side Dish or Salad


 For further information call HOC President Kimberly Saviano at 720-275-9513.